Nurse teaching plan for hypertension

Pulses in the legs and feet may be diminished, reflecting effects of vasoconstriction increased systemic vascular resistance [SVR] and venous congestion. Being successful with dietary changes means an understanding of what it is you eat each day, so you can make the needed changes.

Each visit should incorporate a review of the goals that were set and examples of how the patient is meeting or not meeting those goals. Patients with systolic pressure and diastolic pressure with other cardiovascular risk factors or target organ disease should be followed closely.

Implement dietary sodiumfat, and cholesterol restrictions as indicated. Look for strategies that will work for the individual, ask the patient about personal preferences needs, related to strategies. To identify contributing factors Monitor and record BP.

Physical Activity Assessment question: Promoting Compliance Tips for the Healthcare Professional. Research has indicated that even modest salt reduction and weight loss has enabled a large number of older adults to discontinue their antihypertensive medicine Whelton, Physical Activity Assessment question: Restriction of dietary sodium to less than 6 g of salt NaCl or less than 2.

Look for labels that indicate: This allows you and the patient to reset goals and stay on target. If the patient has even had small successes it is important to congratulate them and focus on those positives as you reformulate goals. The caloric intake on the DASH plan can be easily altered so that the overall diet becomes more focused on healthy eating, but reduced caloric intake.

Many patients will have to be taught to focus on relaxation techniques, and how to incorporate them into their daily routines.

High Blood Pressure Educational Materials for Patients

Through healthy lifestyle even with identified risk factors onset of the disease may be delayed. To identify contributing factors Monitor and record BP. It works by relaxing blood vessels so that blood can flow more easily.

There is primary and secondary HTN. Lipid profile provides information about additional risk factors that predispose to atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease. Through discussion and example teach the patient that because the DASH diet is higher in fruits, vegetables and grain it is normal as you begin to have some bloating and diarrhea.

Are you under presently under stress? Have the patient identify which is the better choice. Limit the number of visitors and length of stay. In Hypertension Disease Management Guide pp.

You can then discuss lifestyle modification topics based on prioritization of personal risk factors, and lifestyle assessment. Normal BMI should be between Do you know your ideal body weight? Discuss with the patient simple things to try in the beginning ,use the stairs instead of the elevator, park you car at the far end of the parking lot in the morning.

High blood pressure medicine.

6 Hypertension Nursing Care Plans

For individual counseling I would ask the patient to complete a questionnaire prior to the visit that answers questions regarding risk factors, similar to the way we ask patients to complete a health history form.

Insufficient physiologic or physiological energy to endure or complete required or desired activity. Measure the patients waist circumference as part of the visit and document it in the record. The elderly may require smaller doses because of the potential for bradycardia and hypotension.

Lifestyle modifications are indicated for all patients with prehypertension and hypertension and include the following: After you begin your teaching plan it is important for compliance and success to evaluate where you are.

It can be copied for individual patient use.The goal of this continuing education module is to inform nurses, dietitians, pharmacists, physical therapists, physicians, and radiologic technologists about current guidelines and drug therapy for the management of hypertension/5(K).

TEACHING PLAN TOPIC: Elevated Blood Pressure GOAL: After nursing intervention, the family will take thenecessary measures to prevent or properly Scribd is /5(5).

a ro fre•Rfe dietary consultation for further teaching about fat and sodium restrictions. •Discuss stress-reducing techniques, helping identify possible choices. EVALUATION Mrs. Spezia returns to the clinic 1 week later. Her average blood Nursing Care Plan A Client with Hypertension.

The following nursing diagnoses are made for a ro fre•Rfe dietary consultation for further teaching about fat and sodium restrictions.

•Discuss stress-reducing techniques, helping identify possible choices. Nursing Care Plan A Client with Hypertension. Because treating hypertension almost always involves making lifestyle changes to control risk factors it is an excellent as topic for a teaching plan.

In a primary care practice or other health care provider the Nurse Practitioner can have a positive impact on prevention and management of hypertension through patient education and counseling. Doctors help you with trusted information about Hypertension in Hypertension: Dr.

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Nurse teaching plan for hypertension
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